Contents Inventory & Valuation

We understand a loss can become daunting, but our claims specialists are here to alleviate that problem. CURAclaim and your insurance provider work hand in hand to get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

How it Works

Create your Inventory

Create an inventory of all items lost in Word, Excel or PDF formats. Be sure to be as detailed as possible (include make, model, color, etc).

Submit to CURAclaim

Submit your inventory to CURAclaim below with your name, email, phone, insurance company and adjuster name.

Contents Valuation

Your inventory list will be researched, evaluated and priced on LKQ (RCV & ACV) by our content experts.

Adjuster Review

We will send a complete inventory of your contents loss fully valued to your adjuster for review and payment.

Download Inventory Checklist

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Download Inventory Sheet

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Submit your Inventory

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